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The independent expert on human rights and international solidarity

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Report of the Independent Expert Mr. Rudi Muhammad Rizki, A/HRC/15/32
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In resolution 2005/55, the Commission on Human Rights, inter alia, reaffirmed that the widening gap between the economically developed and developing countries is unsustainable and that it impedes the realization of human rights in the international community, and makes it all the more imperative for every nation, according to its capacities, to make the maximum possible effort to close this gap.

It further recognized that the attention paid to the importance of international solidarity as a vital component of the efforts of developing countries towards the realization of the right to development of their peoples and the promotion of the full enjoyment of economic, social and cultural rights by everyone has been insufficient.

The Commission therefore decided, taking into account the urgent need to further develop guidelines, standards, norms and principles with a view to promoting and protecting rights closely interrelated to the fundamental value of solidarity, to appoint an independent expert on human rights and international solidarity for a period of three years.

The independent expert is requested to:

  • study the issue and prepare a draft declaration on the right of peoples to international solidarity;
  • take into account the outcomes of all major United Nations and other global summits and ministerial meetings in the economic and social fields and to seek views and contributions from Governments, United Nations agencies, other relevant international organizations and non-governmental organizations in the discharge of her/his mandate;
  • report annually to the Commission on the progress made in the fulfilment of his/her mandate.

Independent expert:

Ms. Virginia Dandan (Philippines), July 2011 -

Former Independent expert:

Rudi Muhammad Rizki (Indonesia), 2005- June 2011

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