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Human Rights Committee - Members

Christine CHANET (France)

Magistrate (France)

Working languages: French, English

National functions

Counsellor to the Court of Cassation – Section President and Dean at the criminal division
Chairperson of the Committee in charge of reviewing criminal law decisions following the delivery of judgements of the European Court of Human Rights
Member of the French National Consultative Commission on Human Rights
Officer of the National Order of Merit
Officer of the Legion of Honour

Functions linked with candidacy

Member of the Committee against Torture
President of the United Nations Human Rights Committee 1997–1998 and 2005–2006
Personal Representative of the High Commissioner for Human Rights for examining the situation in Cuba
Member of the Working Group for the application of the Bangalore Principles on judicial independence


Junior magistrate at the French National School of the Judiciary (1968–1970)
Magistrate at the Central Administration of the French Ministry of Justice (1970–1974)
Technical adviser and subsequently Special Assistant at the Secretariat of State for Women’s Affairs (1974–1976)
Special Assistant at the Secretariat of State for Culture (1976–1977)
Special Assistant in the Legal Affairs Directorate at the French Ministry of External Relations (1981–1983)
Head of International Civil and Criminal Affairs and Human Rights Department at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (since 1983)
Member of the United Nations Human Rights Committee (1987)
Technical adviser in the Office of Pierre Arpaillange, French Minister of Justice (1988)
Advocate-General at the Court of Appeal of Paris (1992–1996)


Law degree
Postgraduate diploma in law
Postgraduate diploma in criminology
Laureate of the Paris Faculty of Law

Recent publications

La peine de mort au regard du Pacte International sur les droits civils et politiques (The death penalty from the viewpoint of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights), Mélanges Cohen-Jonathan

Les libertés d’opinion et d’expression devant le comité des droits de l’Homme de l’O.N.U. (Freedom of opinion and speech before the UN Human Rights Committee), Revue des avocats aux conseils – Dalloz 2006

La destruction des droits article 30 ou la Déclaration Universelle des droits de l’Homme (“The destruction of rights” Article 30 or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights), Le Monde 2008 – édition FolioLes influences croisées des juridictions internationales et des juridictions nationales (Intersecting influences of national and international courts), Université Laval (Quebec), Les cahiers du Droit 2010


[This profile can be found in the document CCPR/SP/75]



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