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Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrant Workers
Geneva Migration Group

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Protect the human rights of all migrants

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Committee on Migrant Workers

15 December 2005: Day of General Discussion: Protecting the rights of all migrant workers as a tool to enhance development

Draft Programme
Guidelines for participation
Registration form

Keynote papers

  1. Migrations de travail, interactions avec les droits de l'homme et le développement - M. Mehdi LAHLOU
  2. Protection of the human rights of migrant workers and members of their families under the UN Migrant Workers Convention as a tool to enhance development in the country of employment - Mr. Ryszard CHOLEWINSKI

Oral Statements

  1. International Labour Organization
  2. Concluding comments by ILO

Written contributions from participants

  1. Protecting the rights of All Migrant Workers as a tool to enhance development submitted by Rebecca Smith, "National Employment Law Project, and Sarah Paoletti, American University Washington College of Law"
  2. Statement from MIREDES International
  3. Declaración de Nueva York de Migrantes, Refugiados(as) y Desplazados(as) (MIREDES Internacional) sobre el Informe Final de la Comisión Mundial sobre Migraciones Internacionales (CMMI) & Declaración de las Asociaciones de Migrantes, Refugiados(as) y Desplazados(as), y de Organizaciones Solidarias, en la Consulta Regional de las Americas de la Comisión Mundial sobre Migraciones Internacionales
  4. Global Workers Require Global Justice: The Portability of Justice Challenge for Migrants in the USA submitted by: Cathleen Caron, "Global Workers Justice Alliance"
  5. Ten Ways to Protect Undocumented Migrant Workers By PICUM, the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants
  6. Capitaliser les potentialités des migrants dans une approche de stratégie d'intégration pour une contribution renforcée aux pays d'emploi, par "Franciscans International"
  7. Immigrant Workers in the United States Meat and Poultry Industry, submission by Human Rights Watch
  8. Social Development, Transnational Migration and the Political Organising of Foreign Workers by Dr. Nicola Piper, Asia Research Institute, National, University of Singapore
  9. Written submission by Amnesty International
  10. Migrant Forum in Asia
  11. Migrant workers in Asia
  12. International Catholic Migration Commission
  13. Written Contribution of the Villanova Law School Farmworker Legal Aid Clinic

E-mail: CMW@ohchr.org

Forthcoming Events

15 December 2005: Day of General Discussion: Protecting the rights of all migrant workers as a tool to enhance development

12-16 December 2005: 3rd session meets in Geneva

Recent Developments and Events

Initial report of Mali on the measures taken to give effect to the provisions of the Convention
(in French)

CMW Annual Reports:

Second session
A | C | E | F | R | S

First session
A | C | E | F | R | S

25- 29 April 2005: 2nd session meets in Geneva. Provisional Agenda
Session Report

17 December 2004: CMW Chairperson's statement for International Migrants Day

October 2004: Report of CMW’s informal meeting

1-5 March 2004: Inaugural session meets in Geneva

Recent Ratifications

1 December 2005:
Honduras becomes 31st State party to ICRMW

1 October 2005:
Syrian Arab Republic becomes 30th State party to ICRMW

1 August 2005:
Algeria becomes 29th State party to ICRMW

Note: entry into force occurs on first day of the month following a period of three months from date of deposit of the instrument of ratification or accession. Dates given are for entry into force.




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