“We’re all made of the same ingredients”: MyGreat Story brings the UN Human Rights #StandUp4Migrants initiative to Australia

Panel discussion with social media influencers featured in the video series at the launch event, held in Sydney, Australia, on 14 September 2022. © Love Frankie

In September, the UN Human Rights Office in Bangkok launched the MyGreat Story campaign in Australia, as part of the global “#StandUp4Migrants” initiative. Despite its rich multicultural history and diversity, narratives on migration remain complex and contested in the country. The campaign was developed to produce positive human rights-based narratives on migrants and migration and was widely shared on the UN Human Rights Asia social media platforms.

Produced in partnership with Love Frankie, an Asia-Pacific social impact communications agency, the campaign is composed of a four-part video series featuring eight individuals who represent the diverse migrant community of Australia. They come from Filipino, Ghanaian, Indian, Malaysian, Maltese, Polynesian and South African backgrounds and are prominent in their respective fields of sport, fashion, food, art and culture.

The campaign slogan, “We are all made of the same ingredients,” is brought to life in each video, which showcases a pair sharing a meal and conversation, demonstrating that food can provide a way to connect and generate mutual respect and empathy. The videos reached 789,623 people and garnered 384,335 views online, with 46,902 people reacting and making comments across all platforms.

The campaign was founded on multimethod research that was commissioned by UN Human Rights. The research suggested that more than two-thirds of Australians are willing to welcome newcomers into their neighbourhoods and that more than 75 per cent of Australians believe their communities are stronger when people support one another.

“The story of migration is our human story, [particularly] in Australia where more than half of the country has a migrant background,” said Pia Oberoi, UN Human Rights Senior Adviser on Migration and Human Rights in the Asia-Pacific. “We hope that the campaign may eventually contribute to bringing change to the migration conversation here in Australia.”

The launch was organized in Sydney and 40 participants attended, including journalists, influencers and social activists. The video series was presented during a panel discussion with a Red Cross representative and the social media influencers featured in the videos.

In addition, a media workshop was held for journalism students and early-career journalists on the preparation of inclusive narratives about migrants and migration. Held in partnership with the Google News Initiative, the workshop was open to students from journalism schools and interns from news outlets. It equipped the 40 participants, many of whom were from migrant and minority backgrounds, with the knowledge and confidence to feature migrant stories in their reporting and provided them with an important networking opportunity.

"If you want to learn about someone's culture, you eat their food," Alvin Quah, a MasterChef contestant of Malaysian descent tells LFresh, a Sikh hip-hop artist, during their shared meal.

The videos remind us that the things that connect us are often much more powerful than those that divide us.

Participants watch the screening of MyGreat Cooking Class at the launch event of the MyGreat Story campaign held in Sydney, Australia.
Screening of campaign video series at the launch event held in Sydney, Australia, on 14 September 2022. © Love Frankie
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