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RSS is the easiest way to update the information you require, in a totally automatic way.

What is RSS?

It is a publication format for news, which you can access without opening your Internet navigator. You can receive news without having to navigate or look for the latest information, since the program downloads the titles of the latest updates, facilitating the selection of content and saving you time.

The document used to update the news, called “RSS feeds” can be read using a program called “News Reader”. This “News Reader” will gather the new contents that are being added to the site and the information is shown automatically in your computer.


How to use RSS 

Clicking on the following link "RSS Version" will take you directly to a page that contains the corresponding “RSS feeds”, which you must add to your “News reader”.

In order to add this XML to your list of RSS in your “News reader”, please follow the instructions provided by your reading program.


How to obtain a “News reader”?

The easiest way to obtain a “News reader” is by doing an Internet search, using, for example, the following terms: “RSS readers”, “RSS aggregators”, “RSS feeds readers”, “RSS newsreader”, etc.

Don’t forget that you have at your disposal different types of “ News reader “ working in different operating systems.

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