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Women's Rights and Gender Section (WRGS)

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Expert workshop: the elimination of all forms of violence against women - challenges, good practices and opportunities


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Women’s Rights and Gender Section (WRGS)

Call for inputs pursuant to HRC resolution paragraph 12 of Human Rights Resolution 20/12: Accelerating efforts to eliminate all forms of violence against women: remedies for women who have been subjected to violence (A/HRC/20/L.10)


Paragraph 12 of Human Rights Council’s resolution 20/12 requests the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to “to prepare, in consultation with relevant stakeholders, and present to the Human Rights Council, at its twenty-third session, recommendations on how to create and/or strengthen linkages and synergies between the mechanisms of the Human Rights Council, and also with other relevant intergovernmental processes on the issue of violence against women and girls”. 

Scope and focus of submissions

In preparing the set of recommendations, OHCHR is calling for inputs from Member States, civil society organizations, independent experts, UN entities and all relevant stakeholders.  

OHCHR welcomes all relevant submissions with particular focus on the following three specific areas:

  1. Empirical examples of effective synergies and linkages that currently exist on violence against women within the HRC, and between HRC and other intergovernmental processes and what resulted from these synergies and linkages.
  2. Perspectives on possible areas and opportunities for increased synergies / linkages between these mechanisms. Examples should identify the particular areas, for example, networking, info/knowledge sharing, reporting, communications, resource sharing, and joint planning, this list being non-exhaustive.
  3. Key challenges to achieving greater synergies/linkages, and suggestions of effective approaches for tackling these challenges.

Please email submissions to Veronica Birga (vbirga@ohchr.org) and Adwoa Kufuor (akufuor-owusu@ohchr.org) before 15 November 2012. Unless otherwise requested, submissions will be made available on the OHCHR web-site.

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