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1. AYuva@ Humanitarian Center produced a comic-strip book for children on children's rights. The 1,700 copies were distributed throughout the country to children aged 9 to 13, and to refugee children. The book was presented by professionals and volunteers from the NGO, and children were asked to show it to their parents and families and to discuss the issues addressed.

Allocated grant: US$ 3,000

2. The Azerbaijan National Helsinki Committee Citizens’ Assembly produced memoranda and posters on the basic rights of prisoners, quoting articles from various human rights instruments. The materials were introduced and distributed to law enforcement officers and employees of judicial bodies through Ministries, the Supreme Court and regional and urban courts. The grant recipient is planning to continue its work with the support of the OSCE, specifically the project to create a human rights school.

Allocated grant: US$ 3,000

3. The Democratic Development Foundation of Azerbaijan will conduct research aimed at rationalizing human rights enactments forming part of domestic legislation after comparing them with international human rights instruments. The research should lead to an improvement in domestic law in this regard. The results should serve as a major tool for the work of officials, NGO activists, journalists and other people.

Allocated grant: US$ 3,000


4. The Institute on Human Rights of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Azerbaijan had planned to create a library bringing together human rights publications. Owing to the lack of other funding sources, the applicant was only able to produce a book on national institutions on human rights in the Azeri language. The book defends the idea of the creation of an ombudsperson in the country to monitor the human rights situation. The book is described as a first step towards the creation of the library; it was widely acclaimed in the academic community and was also presented to the national authorities at their request.

Allocated grant: US$ 2,990

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