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Rules of Procedure of the Functional Commissions of the Economic and Social Council
Rule 75

Non-governmental organizations in category I or II may designate authorized representatives to sit as observers at public meetings of the commission and its subsidiary organs. Those on the Roster may have representatives present at such meetings when matters within their field of competence are being discussed.

Rule 76

1. The commission may consult with organizations in category I or II either directly or through a committee or committees established for the purpose. In all cases, such consultations may be arranged on the invitation of the commission or at the request of the organization.

2. On the recommendation of the Secretary-General and at the request of the commission, organizations on the Roster may also be heard by the commission.

Method of amendment
Rule 77

Only the Council may amend these rules.

Method of suspension
Rule 78

A rule of procedure may be temporarily suspended by the commission provided that such suspension shall not be inconsistent with any applicable decisions of the Council and provided that twenty-four hours' notice of the proposal for suspension has been given. which may be waived if no representative objects. Any such suspension shall be limited to a specific purpose and to a period required to achieve that purpose.


1. At present: Statistical Commission. Population Commission for Social Development. Commission on Human Rights. Commission on the Status of Women. Commission on Narcotic Drugs.

2. When the term "specialized agencies" is used in these rules, it refers to specialized agencies brought into relationship with the United Nations; it also includes the International Atomic Energy Agency.

3. When the term "non-governmental organizations" is used in these rules, it refers to non-governmental organizations which are in consultative relationship with the Council in accordance with part III of its resolution 1296 (XLIV).

4. Not applicable to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, which is composed of States whose representatives are appointed by Governments without consultation with the Secretary-General and without confirmation by the Council.

5. Not applicable in the case of a subsidiary organ which is composed of experts serving in their individual capacity.

6. It is the understanding of the Economic and social Council that a commission, in discharging its functions under this rule, will follow the practice of the General Assembly in implementing an all States clause, and that in all cases where it s advisable it will request the opinion of the Council before taking appropriate decisions.

7. The expression "that is not one of its own members" does not apply to subsidiary organs composed of experts serving in their individual capacity.

8. See footnote 2.

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