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Rules of Procedure of the Functional Commissions of the Economic and Social Council
Election of officers
Rule 15

At the commencement of its first meeting of a regular session the commission shall elect, from among the representatives of its members, a Chairman, one or more Vice-Chairmen and such other officers as may be required.

Term of office
Rule 16

The officers of the commission shall, subject to rule 19, hold office until their successors are elected and shall be eligible for re-election.

Acting Chairman
Rule 17

1. If the Chairman finds it necessary to be absent during a meeting or any part thereof, he shall designate one of the Vice-Chairmen to take his place.

2. If the Chairman ceases to hold office pursuant to rule 19, the remaining officers shall designate one of the Vice-Chairmen to take his place until the election of a new Chairman.

Powers of the Acting Chairman
Rule 18

A Vice-Chairman acting as Chairman shall have the powers and duties of' the Chairman.

Replacement of the Chairman or other officers
Rule 19

If the Chairman or any other officer is unable to carry out his functions or ceases to be a representative of a member of the commission or if the State of which he is a representative ceases to be a member of the commission he shall cease to hold such office and a new officer shall be elected for the unexpired term.

Voting rights of the Chairman(5)
Rule 20

The Chairman, or a Vice-Chairman acting as Chairman, may empower his alternate designated in accordance with rule 13 to participate in the proceedings and vote in the commission. In this case, the Chairman or Acting Chairman shall not participate in the proceedings except in his capacity as presiding officer of the commission.

Establishment of committees and working groups
Rule 21

1. During a session, the commission, in consultation with the Secretary-General, may set up such committees or working groups composed of members of the commission as are deemed necessary and refer to them any questions on the agenda for study and report.

2. With the prior approval of the Council and in agreement with the Secretary-General such committees or working groups may be authorized to sit while the commission is not in session.

3. The members of committees or working groups of the commission shall be nominated by the Chairman, subject to approval of the commission.

Establishment of sub-commissions
Rule 22

1. The commission shall set up only such sub-commissions as may be authorized by the Council.

2. Unless otherwise determined by the Council, the commission shall determine the functions and composition of each sub-commission.

Rule 23
Unless the commission decides otherwise, its subsidiary organs shall elect their own officers. Rules of procedure
Rule 24

The rules of procedure of the commission shall apply to the proceedings of its subsidiary organs in so far as they are applicable.

Duties of the Secretary- General
Rule 25

1. The Secretary-General shall act in that capacity in all meetings of the commission. He may designate a member of the Secretariat to act as his representative.

2. He shall provide and direct the staff required by the commission and be responsible for all the arrangements that may be necessary for its meetings.

3. He shall keep the members of the commission informed of any questions that may be brought before it for consideration.

Duties of the Secretariat
Rule 26

The Secretariat shall:

(a) Interpret speeches made at meetings;

(b) Receive, translate and circulate documents;

(c) Print, publish and circulate as appropriate e the records of the sessions, the resolutions of the commission and the required documentation;

(d) Have custody of the documents in the archives; and (e) Generally perform all other work that may be required.

Statements by the Secretariat
Rule 27

The Secretary-General or his representative may, subject to rule 43, make oral as well as written statements to the commission concerning any question under consideration.

Estimates of expenditure
Rule 28

1. Before a proposal involving the expenditure of United Nations funds is approved by the commission, the Secretary-General shall prepare and provide to the commission an estimate of the programme budget implication of implementing the proposal. The Chairman shall draw attention to that estimate and invite discussion on it when the proposal is considered by the commission.

2. Any programme budget proposal recommended by the commission to the Council for its approval must be stated in terms of the objectives to be achieved.

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